Below is a partial list of specialized resources available through Sage Investment Group :

Sell your appreciated assets (stocks, art, real estate, etc.) without any capital gains tax, and NO 1031 Exchange.


Are you looking for an alternative to low-paying CD’s, savings and money markets? Well, the days of being limited to traditional fixed products offering historically-low interest rates are over.

You can now access the same competitive market that banks and institutions have dominated for years, the secondary cash flow market.

This is where individuals sell a portion of their guaranteed pension income stream to receive a lump-sum payment from a buyer.


It is also where buyers/investors lease low-obsolescence heavy machinery such as tractors and diesel trucks to qualified companies. In this market, buyers benefit from the ability to purchase fixed-rate options with discounted dollars, and create predictable income streams from the leasing of commercial equipment.



We understand that the hardest part of creating a powerful retirement is getting to the first million. What if one of our affiliates loaned it to you?


Regain control of your managed portfolio. We strive to select the best investment talent from a global network that includes institutional money managers, then direct and supervise the overall investment program. This outsourcing approach allows us to:

• Select the most appropriate managers specializing in specific market sectors
• Leverage institutional investment managers generally available only to organizations
  with tens of millions of dollars to invest
• Implement strategic fund portfolio-level changes more cost-effectively

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