Below is a partial list of specialized resources available through Sage Investment Group and their strategic partners :

Non 103- Exchange Tax-Deferred Sale of Real Estate

Sell your appreciated assets (stocks, art, real estate, etc.) without any capital gains tax, and NO 1031 Exchange.

Premium Financing

We understand that the hardest part of creating a powerful retirement is the ability to save enough, or, simply getting to the first million. What if one of our affiliates loaned it to you?

Through one of our loan structures, we can front-fund a retirement account for you, then let time do its work for you until retirement. Or, for income qualified individuals, we can match your funding $3 to $1 – you put in one, we put in $3. These plans are stress tested, and require no collateral, loan application, credit check or personal guarantee.

Active Portfolio Management

Regain control of your runaway actively managed portfolio. We strive to select the best investment talent from a global network that includes institutional money managers, then direct and supervise the overall investment program.

We set the benchmark for adherence to management style and absolute purity of your portfolio’s asset allocation. Just as you can predict the outcome of a pie by using the right ingredients in the proper measure, so too can you very closely predict the performance of the long-term investment portfolio return following the same approach. Through this outsourcing approach, if a manager is not staying pure to their investment style (like the person responsible for putting the right amount and type of cinnamon in a pie, which will adversely affect the taste/outcome of the pie), they will be replaced.

This outsourcing approach allows us to:

• Select the most appropriate managers specializing in specific market sectors

• Leverage institutional investment managers generally available only to

organizations with tens of millions of dollars to invest

• Implement strategic fund portfolio-level changes more cost-effectively

• Reduce market risk and increase returns

Passive Portfolio Management

If Passive investing is more your style, then this may be for you. Passive managers don’t try to beat the market but aim to capture the market’s returns. They seek to maximize diversification and focus on keeping costs low in order to achieve greater potential returns.

Active managers try to beat the markets through buying the right investments and avoiding the wrong ones and by market timing. Both can be effective long-term strategies with favorable results.

If you choose passive investing, you’re almost there. You now have to choose either indexing or asset class investing.

Asset class investing is based on asset classes – groups of securities with similar risk characteristics, like small company stocks, large company stocks and international bonds. Asset class investing attempts to capture the performance of a specific market segment, while index investing attempts to replicate the performance of an index.

Asset Class Investing can offer:

• Low overall costs

• Tax efficiency

• Global diversification

• Consistent risk exposure to an asset class

• Long-term performance that can potentially outperform index returns

Solving The Financial Component to Senior Living and Care – VA and Medi-Cal Planning

Our senior community, veterans, and families deserve expert navigation with the necessary planning options. At Sage Investment Group, we provide this guidance by offering an abundance of professional and advisory relationships to assist us in our comprehensive approach to Estate Protection, Financial Planning and Senior Planning Solutions.

Our capabilities include:

• Asset Spend Down Protection

• Estate Planning Facilitation

• Retirement Income Planning Strategies

• Managed Investment Accounts

• Life, Annuity, Long Term Care

• VA Benefits Optimization

• Medi-Cal Qualification Solutions

• Care Planning Solutions

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