Wealth Management

Looking Forward Toward Your Future…

Wealth management is a mixture of art and science. Overall, the goal is to grow, protect, utilize, and disseminate wealth. Effective wealth management requires a united team of professionals working together across multiple financial service industries. Sage Investment Group incorporates financial advisors, accountants, attorneys, insurance agents, and countless niche experts to provide an all-encompassing approach to wealth management.

We define wealth management simply as the science of solving and/or enhancing one’s financial situation. It is the ability of an advisor or advisory team to deliver a full range of financial services and products to an affluent client in a consultative way – client centered.

We believe a good wealth manager meets a client without any presupposition about what financial products or services are appropriate for that affluent individual.

While it is common for a wealthy individual to meet with a wealth manager to address a particular need (tax reduction, say), the consultative wealth manager’s overriding objective is to understand the whole person and find out what’s important to them - and why. Only then is the wealth manager able to bring in the appropriate experts to design the custom financial plan.